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Randi Embree, Community Herbalist


Connecting People and Plants Since 1994

I'm so glad you stopped by to see what's new at Elder Spirit Herbals. As a Community Herbalist offering herbal education is at the heart of my practice but I'm also offering herbal coaching for our members and have my small batch botanicals and other goodies at pop-ups around the area and coming soon in my Wix store. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to our Cycles and Seasons Blog and to contribute to our Community Forum. You can also become a Community Member and receive significant discounts on our classes and members-only coaching.  

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While a traditional herbarium is a systematically arranged collection of dried plants, we're a wildly divergent bunch of humans desiring to learn and grow with the plants in a juicy, rich environment. Our blog and community forums are like herbariums but these spaces are built to house a community of living beings in communication and community with each other. Where the herbarium houses a collection of dried plants, we provide a container for our questions, knowledge and resources. Share what you will and it harm none. You must be a member of the community forum to post


Medicine Making in a Day
Medicine Making in a Day
Multiple Dates
Jul 28, 2024, 10:00 AM
Silverton Grange


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