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Too Late?

As I stepped off the back porch this morning I truly absorbed for the first time how this year has moved on. Time to stop procrastinating, the seasons have changed!

Time to stop procrastinating on so many levels. If you've read the news this week you know our climate news is as bad as it could possibly be.

So, what do we do now? 

Years ago when I led a small New Thought spiritual community I based a series of talks on Wayne Muller's book How Do We Live (Knowing We're Going to Die)?  Many insights there to be had. 

I suppose we could just turn inward, ignore the pain and suffering we are seeing now and surely going to be seeing more of in the coming years. But, how does that serve the greater good? How does that serve the community of life that surrounds us, how does that serve our community and those we love. Yes, even the complacent and complicit ones. We are all in the same boat.

How could I put up this cheerful welcome to the farm sign in light of the coming disaster, in light of the millions of little disasters that preceed it? 

#1 I've been working with Carolyn Baker's book Collapsing Consciously for about five years. I'd actually just bought it before a personal tragedy that rocked my world. I bought it seeking a way to stay spiritually and emotionally grounded during the collapse of industrial civilization that we are witnessing. I honestly can't say for sure which the wheels will come off of first, but coming off they are. 

My desire to know the healing plants deepens as we look into a future of shortages and failings. An avocation becomes a calling. 

To that end, I've developed and continue to work on a plan for a new gathering. One that pulls together my passions as an herbalist and my eclectic spiritual path. After a five year hiatus, this 3-year healing gathering, The Sacred Healing Path, will meet on one full Saturday a month beginning in March.

Our main text will be Starhawk's The Twelve Wild Swans.  We'll work it 3 times over the three years, using it's lessons and rituals. Its three different tracks, the elements, the inner and the outer are perfect and rich guides for our ultimate goal of being of service to those around us in the times ahead. As Starhawk says in the first chapter:  "A healthy priestess heals everything around her"

Is this a pagan group? Only if that is your orientation. Is it a spiritually oriented group? Yes. Is this a drop in group? Absolutely not! We will be a committed group of about 10 including myself and my two assistants. Nor is it free. Through this work, I've come to value the years and years and thousands of dollars I've spent bringing myself to the place where I could develop this.

The cost for each year of the program is $750 which includes a $150 deposit to hold your place. The remainder can be paid over the course of the year.

There's also a work study option that costs three 8 hour days on the farm in June/July for linden harvest and October for hawthorn harvest and $500. Get in touch with me.

Can't wait to get started? Send me a 250 to 500 word email sharing why you'd like to join us.

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