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Plant Blindness

I wasn't truly surprised when this article showed up in my Facebook feed, in fact, not surprised at all. We see it all the time here on the farm. The poisoning of beneficial plants in favor of blue fescue for golf courses, the nonsensical agriculture advice that encourages us to get the "weeds" out of our pastures, the insane war on the "invasives" and on and on it goes. Not a surprise either that some of the big pharma produces the products that kill the beneficial plants around us that are our birthright for the health and happiness of the many species of this beautiful, green world.

There was a meme going around a few years ago that had simple line drawings of easily identified plants and simple drawings of corporate logos. You can imagine which ones children could easily identify.

This brings to light the importance of the education provided by all those who teach about the living beings of this planet, be they lay herbalists or highly trained botanists. It's one of the actions we can take to be a part of the stand against the great extinction that we are hurtling toward.

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