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A Lustrous Day

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Plant Spirit Medicine class was a rich, sometimes hilarious but I believe a deeply healing time for us. Billed as the capstone of our 2022-23 season it served as the first class of 2023-24 season as well. I was afraid the material covered was a little too "out there" for an opener. There's really nothing "out there" at all when it comes to considering the question of how humans came to understand plants as medicne. They've nurtured us in all ways since we co-evolved with them.

We considered the idea of plant intelligence based on the explanation provided by Dr. Jillian Standbury in her blog "the ability of an organism to respond to environmental stimuli and challenges, interpret sensation, learn and remember, make informed decisions, and solve problems creatively."

We "got out of our minds" for a time and sat for plant meditation under the ancient oaks and fir trees on the Grange grounds. By choosing one plant to observe using close examination, organoleptics (tasting, smelling) then wide angled vision we allowed the heart space to get nearer being able to "hear" what our plant had to say to us.

We were able to walk the Grange grounds to create our Lustral Bowls that we kept near us for the rest of the day. It's a new and lovely practice for me that I plan to continue daily to bless our home.

Here's a snippet from the Arvigo Institute about this easy, soulful practice.

Another of the vibrational medicines we discussed was homeopathy. We actually made an arnica 6x gel starting with a mother tincture. So, yeah, a bit of a hilarious process succussing the remedy forty times each go round. Turns out you can, in a pinch, make a homeopathic remedy out of ANYTHING.

I'm going to try it next time I get nailed by MSG while traveling!

We finished the day with another lovely practice based on Rosita Arvigo's teachings. Taking our Lustral Bowls outside with us again, we sat in a circle. We each chose a plant from our Lustral Bowls and experienced them in a Plant Spirit treatment by praying three times into our pulses on either hand. "Mother, Father, Holy Spirit, I pray for this plant to heal me, those in this circle and the entire world"

We spontaneously ended by each of us in turn walking the circle, anointing one another with the light filled waters from our Lustral Bowls. Plant Spirit Medicine, indeed.

Stay in touch.


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