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Back to Basics, Online, starting May 4!

This time last year I was very excited about the prospect of branching out and bringing new life into my Herbal Basics program. I've always found Spirit, God, Goddess, Nature, whatever name you give it, (Shout out Daniel Nahmod) in the plants and animals on the farm. I so wanted to bring that element into an herbal program in a bold and clear way but not everyone wants a dash of Spirit in their elderberry syrup. And, I really want everyone to know how to make elderberry syrup and when to use it!

I can't pinpoint the exact cause of the Sacred Healing Path not developing into its full vision. Maybe, like all short lives, it was whole, complete and perfect for what it was meant to be. I know there was plenty of disruption of life on my end. No matter, I am grateful for the experience. I loved working with Starhawk's "Twelve Wild Swans", I loved getting to know the diverse and interesting women who came into the program and I loved remembering my true calling as an herbalist is as a family and community herbalist, sharing my love of the wild things and the "homesteady" lifestyle. I've never wanted to really do more than that, never was really called to be a clinical herbalist or to lead grand adventures beyond my own back 40.

That said, I DO REALLY want you to know how to make elderberry syrup, and oxymel and wine. I want you to know how to identify the trees and the grasses and the herbs and weeds that we can all use to maintain the health of ourselves and our families. I want us all to sit quietly after tasting a bit of a plant and learn what they have to teach us. I want to teach Herbal Basics. And, so I shall. ONLINE!!! In Zoom. Register at: Join us! When we can meet safely meet again, we will have 8 meetings per year on the farm.

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