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Change is in the Air!

Our family had a bout with COVID which means I won't be returning to my job any time soon. (Don't worry, I'm getting stronger every day!) The "making lemonade" part of this is that I will be able to dedicate my time to fulltime farming and makering alongside Aaron.

Starting February 13th, you'll be able to find us under this banner at Silverton Winter Farmer's Market with farm grown and wildcrafted, small batch botanicals, loose tea blends, jams, jellies and pickles, fleeces and other "good things from the earth".

The name change reflects all the activities that go on beyond the apothecary in the sweet little cottage on the farm. Preparing our market products for sure but also tending the herb beds and the daily rhythm of of farm life.

The Randi Embree, Herbalist Facebook page won't change as I still plan to post my herbal 'ahas' and brief FB live plant walks, etc. I'll also post the weekly market offerings there too. I'm planning a few COVID safe farm days and will keep you posted.

Come see us at the market. We'll be outside in our popup cuddled up to our propane heater!

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