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Don't Give a F*&% in a Cup

Years ago when I discovered the powerful ability of linden to put a buffer around "what's going on "out there" to bring some relief to"what's going on in here' I jokingly named it "don't give a fuck in a cup." It's actually a pretty apt description of it's action. At the time I worked in a stressful job for a high strung employer and we shared an office. I kept linden in my desk...

Linden blooms around the time of the summer solstice give or take a week or two. Used to be more like the 4th of July but climate change, changed that.

Linden gives us the space to deal with what's going on around us without strictly being controlled by our emotions. It's one of the aromatic flowers of summer that works through our whole being, likely through the vagus nerve, to help our reactions emotionally and physically. helping to lower blood pressure and other actions.

You'll meet linden and many more in our linden segment of Herbal Basics, a year long exploration of the herbs and weeds growing right at our feet or in our neighborhood. We meet on Zoom, Monday evenings 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Pacific.

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