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Down the Plant Path

Updated: Aug 31

Just next Sunday we're completing the first year of Herbal Basics after the break we took during the height of COVID craziness. We had a good start for beginning Home Herbalists and more experienced students alike.

Thirty years (!) in and I am still brought to my knees at the depth of healing a simple (Plantain, Plantago spp.)"weed" has to offer us.

During this past year on our monthly stroll through the healing plants on the Grange grounds you heard me speak of "white man's foot" as a vulnerary. A healer of wounds internal and external, as varied as itchiness from a bug bite, to drawing out a sliver to healing an ulcer.

And yet, just a common plant friend growing along your path. Makes delicious, salty snacks kind of like kale chips. Delicious and nutritious for our friends in the pasture, too.

But did you know this friend is alterative, anthlemintic, antiseptic, antivenemous, astringent, demulcent, diuretic, expectorant, emmolient, styptic and vulnerary? Yes, we'll go over those terms, too. No wonder Matthew Wood once said "any herb, given on the flimsiest notion, will likely help" (or something to that tune).

A read of this ally in "A Modern Herbal'" will leave you amazed. A read of studies like this leave you wondering why how herbal medicine ever became "alternative" instead of part of the standard practice.

Where our 2022/23 Herbal Basics was an overview of body systems, the 2023/24 year will include a deeper look at five plants allies a month. We'll still organize by topics as a way of organizing in some way. Other wise, "look, a rabbit!"

I'm working on narrowing our studies down to 50 plants, five per month. We will generally cover them in the best season to harvest them when at all possible.

Herbal Basics 2023/24 begins on September 24.

See you on the path!

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