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More New Beginnings


I'm writing to let you know of a change to Herbal Basics.

Starting March 19th, with the 4th Sunday in April as an exception, we all will be meeting at the Silverton Grange on the third Sunday of the month!

Silverton Grange is at 201 Division St off of South Water.

Because of winter weather that was forecast for the 26th of February we combined the 4th week class with the 3rd and met together on the 19th. It was really great to have you all together! It's been an change I've been considering making once the weather warmed up.

Offering two classes a month just isn't working for me. I looked really hard at the barn space next to the studio at Geercrest and tried to imagine 20 or so of us fitting comfortably. I just couldn't see it in the colder months. It's the perfect setting for small groups and if any of you need a small meeting space like the studio there I encourage you to be in touch with them.

I'll still be offering two outdoor, Saturday summer Playshops there: 'Botany in a Day'June 3 and 'Plant Spirit Medicine's August 12. I'm considering the right location for a medicine making intensive on July 1. I think that may be here on our farm because of the rich diversity and abundance of plant medicine.

I'm excited to have some room for us to spread out comfortably. I've hosted class at the Grange over the years and the grounds are unsprayed and have lots of medicine to explore. There's a residual destruction from the ice storms which has probably brought more and different medicine to heal the earth which also brings medicine to heal us!

We'll likely have some outings to the reservoir and other locations to do a bit more botanizing.

I'm attaching the revised 2023 schedule with some slight changes. If you know of anyone who might be interested in class we can now allow folks who only want to attend a class or two.

I'll send a list of meeting dates soon and will always send a reminder before!



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