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Outdoor Holiday Bazaar in Silverton

What a day it was yesterday. It started out chilly and ended up downright cold. My friend Judy had been busy all year making wonderful beaded jewelry in anticipation of the holiday bazaars that couldn't go on as normal this year. So, she did what any rational soul would do, she invited 10 other crafters and makers to join her in her long driveway.

This isn't an actual photo from yesterday but that's the setup I had.

I'm really proud of my needle felted personal aromatherapy diffusers but the actual big hit of the day was the hibiscus mulling blend. It's enough to make a full crockpot of warm mulled deliciousness to warm the chilly winter days and nights.

Aren't these cute? The essential oil goes into the felted wool to release only to you.

I'll have them in the store I'm building here soon.

Stay in touch!

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