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Turning a New Leaf

Updated: Apr 9

Or perhaps the title of this should be "shift is real". I created this collage as part of my visioning for the year assignment in the class I'm taking with Ani Haines. Shorthand for the class is "witch class" but it's actually about showing up differently in the world.

In so many ways I've always just taken the path of least resistance. Even my study of herbalism sprung from that path. Aaron wanted to live in the country so I went along with the notion despite loving our home in Portland. We moved to the farm in 1991 and I noticed many of the plants were medicinals which must have been used by the women who'd settled here one hundred years before. The plants were here and I was here and it just made sense to study them.

A few years of focused study down the path and Herbal Basics was born. I created this handmade flyer and put it up all over the place. We had a PS 2 or something with dial up and rudimentary word processing at the time but hand drawn it was. In class we walked along the creeks exploring every nook and cranny of the farm and it was so much fun. Simple, messy and fun!

So, fast forward 30 years. Herbal Basics has been around in one form or another with breaks and tweaks with the flow of life's other demands. Started as a once a month, year-long course and mostly has been that since. I switched it up to a weekly evening class in Salem in 2010-2012 and again in 2018. That worked really well but the venue closed and the next spot just didn't work. Life.

You'll see on the left side of my collage the words "you get out what you put in". It was there to remind me the path of least resistance is fine, sometimes, but to really make change takes grit and decision. I made that decision and despite a misstep or two, exciting opportunity(s) have popped up!

I'm excited to share with you I'll be offering Herbal Basics Online once a month starting April 17 with Spring Tonics. Class will be from 5:30 to 7:30 pm usually on the third Wednesday of the month. It will be recorded for Community Members.

Each month we'll cover a broad topic and several specific plant allies for related conditions Of course we'll provide you with recipes and formulas to build your home apothecary. I'll give you a list of herbs discussed in class so you can be prepared.

And, stay tuned! I think I'll have an addendum to this post with news of a Spring Tonics workshop coming up at The Oregon Garden on March 23! Actually, the class was great. It's a wonderful place to teach and I'll be back on May 25.

As with all of life, you get out what you put in.

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