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Under the Strawberry Moon

We don't get the great sunsets on the farm because we're in a bowl in Silver Creek Canyon, but we do get great moonrise. Isn't this one spectacular?

I'd never lived anywhere but a city before we moved here so took it for granted that the sun and moon always rose exactly in the east. The tilt of the earth that gives us our seasons doesn't work that way. Last night's moon was in the East South East as it always for the June full moon.

I'm excited for this summer season, how about you?

While I was admiring the beauty around me, I turned my attention to the newly set berries on the Rowan tree you see in the photo. Tradition says to plant a Rowan near your home to protect your family. Looking back over the past 30 years I shudder to think what if I hadn't planted her!

Do you know the berries while sour and bitter are edible? They make a great jelly to cut the richness of goose. I like it with turkey, too.

"A Modern Herbal" has a fabulous monograph of Rowan (Sorbus acuparia). You can find it at www. Botanical com

It would be a great book for my next review but where even to start?

Happy Summer!

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