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The Farm's First Saturn Return

Don't actually know if places, once inhabited with new energies and new visions actually can have Saturn Returns. But it sure feels like it to me. After 27 years of trying to figure out a way to share this beauty with others of a like mind and get some help, I think it's becoming clear(er).

Waayyy back in 1995 while I was leading the first-ever herb class here I had an idea that I called Community Farm. The idea was that 4 families would come and spend weekends in the little house and help us doing farm chores and gardening in exchange for spending time in the country and getting some of the "goods", some lamb, some beef, some garden stuff, some herbs, some fleece, and so on.

That didn't materialize. Life happens, you know. I think that was about the time a nephew needed a place to stay. It's like that. Then my mom needed a place to stay. Time rolled along. We had a great time with some young friends who came to stay in 2011 and turned us on to a whole bunch of ideas and made us feel better about having folks stay here. Such a gift.

We even turned the little house into an Air BnB spot in 2013. Such fun! Had some couch surfers, too. Then the County Code guy got hold of us. And the little house is now an "accessory structure" that no one can sleep in but we can have our living skills classes and my apothecary there. Let's just say that we'll do what's legal and are property rights advocates.

If you know me, you know my passion is discovering every useable, beneficial plant on this beautiful piece of the Mother. The only one I've found I dislike is Tansy Ragwort. Not wild about grass but the animals love it.

The wonderful idea that ushers in our Saturn Return is Community Supported Herbalism. For $25 a month, you can help support the farm, receive FIVE handmade herbal products such as a tea, a dried herb to make your own medicine, a syrup or elixir, a vinegar, a treat and a skin care product. Good deal. And, our supporters will receive firsties on beef and other farm products. We'll also be hosting farm to table dinners and other fun activities on the farm.

I don't have a staff so this is a limited offer of 8 shares. Get in touch!

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