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Perennial Favorites

Thirty years on, this is still an eye-opening discovery into the why, how and wow of primary herbal care.

I strongly recommend it as a primer and still relish Susun's juicy writing. Her love of burdock, chickweed, dandelion, nettles, oatstraw, seaweed and violet shine through in the descriptions of the herbs and their surroundings.

Join me in a seven week exploration of this great text and it's seven herbs, beginning January 17, 2021 (!)

This class will be online but you should be able to find all but the seaweed growing right around you. All but the oatstraw will be growing under your feet if you live in this bioregion and others as well.

While not required, if you're just getting started, this will be a good intro to place before Place Based Herbalism begins mid February.

I haven't decided on the platform yet so stay tuned.

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